"Fabulous castle"

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Chocolate gift  «Happy New Year and Christmas»  in the original package in the form of a Fabulous castle

Composition of the confectionery set:

Candy "Vologda Fairy Tale" (flow pack) - 200 g
Candy figured on a cardboard "The owner of Antarctica" - 55 g
Dragee "Sea Breeze" (tuba) - 140 g
Assorts sweets with a total weight of 500 g:

Sweets "Slatushenina"
Candy "Happy New Year" (flowpack)
Candy "In the World of Circus"
Sweets "Lover of honey and raspberry"
Candy "The owner of Antarctica"
Sweets "Nice Creation"
Sweets "Faithful and Devoted "
Candy «Vologda Fairy Tale»

Packaging: In the form of a chest made of cardboard
The weight: 905 grams
Enclosure in transport packaging - 10 pieces. in a closed box of corrugated cardboard

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"The Sweets Fairy tale"
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