Iran Threatens U.S. Navy Ships Amid Massive War Drills

The largest cities of Tehran Province are: Tehran province today[ edit ] Tehran is the commercial heart of Iran. The province has three hydro dams namely Latiyan, Lar, and Amir Kabir as well as two natural lakes, providing the water supply of Tehran and the province. Moreover, due to excessive snowfall in the northern areas of the province during the winter season, the Alborz mountains form an excellent environment for winter sports such as skiing. Dizin , Shemshak , and Tochal are the most popular skiing resorts. Road transport[ edit ] Freeways In blue and main Roads In green in Tehran Province Tehran Province is covered with and connected to other provinces with a big Freeway and Expressway network: Freeway 2 Tehran-Karaj Freeway: This freeway connects Tehran to the capital city of neighboring province of Alborz , Karaj and continues towards Tabriz and Europe. Freeway 5 Tehran- Saveh Freeway:

Iran and Saudi Arabia race to pass gender reforms as Tehran relaxes headscarf arrests

January 28, By: These monsters only understand force. And they have been moments away from developing and using nuclear weapons against us for decades now.

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Tehran replaced Isfahan as the capital of Persia in Though they are a Median tribe, Herodotus names a tribe called Mardians as one of the ten to fifteen Persian tribes in Persis. Every day thousands of singles use Mate4to find their online match and our dating community is just getting bigger and bigger day by day. The whole idea of making this dating website was to offer a unique and exclusive dating service for the needy one.

Satellite view is showing Tehran, political and industrial center and the national capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many scholars believe that the city’s name is rooted in the word Amard. Amards were the people inhabiting the area before the arrival of Aryans, who had migrated to and settled on the Iranian Plateau from the late 2nd millennium BCE to early 1st millennium BCE.

When we made Mate4all. In north is the Elburz or Alborz mountain range that stretches from the border of Azerbaijan along the western and entire southern coast of the Caspian Sea.

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Tehran is a cosmopolitan city, with great museums, parks, restaurants, and warm friendly people. It deserves at least a few days of your Iranian itinerary. The city can be roughly divided into two different parts – north and south. The northern districts of Tehran are more prosperous, modern, cosmopolitan and expensive while southern parts are less attractive but cheaper.

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Classical era[ edit ] Tehran is situated within the historical region of Media Old Persian: By the time of the Median Empire , a part of the territory of present-day Tehran was a suburb of the prominent Median city of Rhages Old Persian: In the Avesta ‘s Videvdat i, 15 , Rhages is mentioned as the 12th sacred place created by Ohrmazd. From Rhages, Darius I sent reinforcements to his father Hystaspes , who was putting down the rebellion in Parthia Bistun 3, 1— Rhages’s modern-day inheritor, Ray, is a city located towards the southern end of Tehran, which has been absorbed into the metropolitan area of Greater Tehran.

Rhages was described in detail by 10th-century Muslim geographers.

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Tehran prepares to show the world Shah’s secret Picassos

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Adam Kredo Follow Kredo0 January 22, 6: As Iran carries out a several days long series of war drills in the Sea of Oman, off the country’s southern border, military leaders claim to have warned off at least two vessels led by U. William Urban, a spokesman for U. S military officials say the military vessel continued to carry out its mission, despite the Iranian contact and did not alter its course.

Iranian military leaders had a different version of events, claiming in comments that two U. Iran is in the midst of another set of war drills aimed at testing new military hardware. Iran’s Army, Navy, and Air Defense forces are all participating in the war drills, which will continue for at least the next two days, according to Iran’s media. The Islamic Republic is testing a range of rockets and laser-guided cannons, according to a readout.


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At least 20 firefighters have been killed after responding to a huge fire in a commercial high rise building in Tehran, which caused the structure to collapse.

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Iran and Saudi Arabia race to pass gender reforms as Tehran relaxes headscarf arrests

Tehran Conference Tehran or Teheran both: It is Iran’s largest city and its administrative, commercial, and industrial center. More than half of the country’s industry is based in Tehran. Manufactures include electrical equipment, textiles, sugar, and cement; motor vehicles are assembled. The city has a large bazaar and is a leading center for the sale and export of carpets.

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An American in Tehran: Retrieved Nov 18 from https: Since I was born, my family has traveled to Iran every other summer to visit relatives. My parents were born there and, like many people of their generation, left just before the revolution. I was born and raised in the U. Even though I speak Farsi, kids in Iran see me as American. But that doesn’t mean they’re hostile toward me. Kids are often eager to compare notes about our different lifestyles and marvel at things we take for granted, like coed schools.

Despite many cultural differences, kids in affluent northern Tehran, which is where my relatives live, spend their time much the same way I do in America. Most days, I meet with friends for a game of soccer only guys play. Afterward, everyone hits the corner grocery for juice and non-alcoholic beer alcohol is illegal. We talk about girls and soccer and music. The Internet and MTV satellite broadcasts also illegal but ubiquitous allow kids in Iran to keep up with popular American music and trends.

Some days we make our way to Jordan Avenue.

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